Director11 collaborates with “Asociación Nazaret” in the Toy’s Campaign


The team of Director11 has collaborated this Christmas with “Asociación Nazaret”, collecting toys for children of all ages who are at risk of social exclusion.

The “Asociación Comunidad de Promoción Familiar de Nazaret, is a non-profit association of social and welfare nature. The Project was born at the end of 1997, and, among other activities, every year the association organizes the Toy’s Campaign in Christmas.

The Association mainly operates in the neighbourhood of San Blas, providing assistance to the most needed families in the area and providing food to 500 families. Volunteers work throughout the year with the children of the neighbourhood who are at risk of social exclusion, organizing socio-cultural and leisure activities, including academic support for the children.

In addition, the children of San Blas are not the only ones who benefit from this project: both in the summer colonies organized by the association, and in the Christmas Campaign, children from different nurseries in Madrid also participate.

Although we are few in Director11, each of us has collaborated so that no child is left without a gift this Christmas. You can know more about the association and its project here: Asociación Nazaret