New partnership agreement reached with Club Deportivo Toluca. Director11 wins a new league.

Director11 wins a new league.

It is the Mexican First Division, thanks to the new partnership agreement reached with Club Deportivo Toluca.

Deportivo Toluca Fútbol Club S.A. de C.V., also known as Club Deportivo Toluca, is a professional soccer team that currently participates in Mexico’s First Division. It was officially founded in 1917. Throughout its history, Deportivo Toluca has become the third soccer team with the most championships won in the Mexican First Division with a total of 10 titles. It has also won several international titles such as the Concacaf Champions Cup on 2 occasions.

With this new addition to the community of top level soccer clubs managed by director11, the Spanish technology company manages to be present in another of the most important tournaments in the Americas such as the Mexican First Division. There are already 9 countries where director11 is present around the world managing both professional and amateur soccer clubs.

Until today, Club Deportivo Toluca was managed in a more traditional way, but thanks to the partnership agreement, starting this season its leaders have decided to take an important step towards the digitization of all aspects of the club.

In the words of Sergio Casalins, CEO of director 11: “For us it is an important achievement to be present in so many clubs and in so many top-level competitions around the world. We continue to work to make each and every one of the clubs we manage 100% digital, as well as to gain the trust of many other clubs, both professional and amateur, around the world. We are convinced that this is the way forward, and that this is the only way to achieve success for each and every one of them in the sporting sphere.