COOKIES policy

  1. Our cookies policy

This cookies policy will apply in all our Web sites. By browsing to any of our Web sites, you accept that this cookies policy will apply everytime you access to the Web sites using any kind of device. Every change to this policy will be published here and we reserve the right to modify it; if you continue using our Web sites, we will consider that you are accepting these changes. The policy was updated last time on May 4th, 2018. Check periodically for new updates.

  1. Our use of cookies

As many enterprises do, some of our Web sites (or all of them) can use “cookies”, to determine, i.e., how many users visited our Web sites and which pages they browsed. Cookies are text fragments that are installed in your computer’s hard disk drive when you browse our Web sites. Cookies can be used to determine if you already visited our Web site or if it is the first time, and can help us to identify which are the site sections or characteristics more interesting for you. Cookies may improve your experience on line by saving your preferences and settings when visiting a web site. To find out more about cookies, you can visit Most cookies we use are “personalization cookies”, that are used to identify the visitors who come back to our Web sites, and “analytical cookies”, that control the use visitors do of our Web sites and help us to understand better what contents are more interesting, as visitors spend more time on them. Main cookies we use in our Web sites are:

  1. Cookie type

3.1. Analytical

Estas cookies nos ayudan a mejorar nuestros Sitios web con el tiempo, dándonos información sobre cómo se utilizan las distintas secciones de nuestros Sitios web y cómo interactúan los usuarios con dichos Sitios web. La información recopilada es anónima y de carácter estadístico.

3.2. Autentication

These cookies help us to improve our Web sites, by giving us information about how the different sections of our Web sites are used, and how the users interact with our Web sites. Information is collected in anonymous way and has only statistical purposes.

3.3. Session

These cookies are designed to make your visit to our Web sites be good for your interests. Their main functions are:

  • Allow us identify your device when you access our Web site, in order to not being considered a new visitor every time you visit a new section in our Web site.
  • Allow us to verify that every server we use to give you the service is balanced in users load, therefore every user receive the best service and can browse quicker and easier our site.
  • Note your browser’s functions.

Every information obtained by using cookies is encrypted and with the cookies no sensitive information (i e credit card numbers) is collected by any mean. Most browsers will show you how to reject new cookies, how to receive notificationes of new cookies and how to deactivate the existing cookies. However, you must realice that without cookies you won’t be able to obtain the best benefits and best performance of our Web site. Also, consider that we use a cookie to remember your cookies preferences, and this has two consequences: If you delete all the cookies you will need to set again your preferences with us, and, if you use a different device, computer’s profile or browser, you will need to set again your preferences with us.

  1. Web beacons

Some pages of our Web sites may contain “web beacons” (also known as “Internet tags”, “pixel tags” o “transparent GIFs”). These web beacons allow third parties to obtain information about the IP address that downloaded the web page where the beacon is, the URL of the page and the timestamp when user visited the page where the beacon is, the browser type used and the cookies information set by this third party.