director11 Elite is intended for top-level clubs that require a version of the platform with the ability to adapt to their structure, with no limits of any kind, adjusting to the methodology and needs of the club over time.

The team in charge of director11’s Elite version will individually monitor and supervise the development and performance of the platform for each of the clubs, providing their expertise in the sector.

The Elite version of director11 includes Elite Support, an online support service with professionals who are familiar with the service and characteristics provided to each of the clubs, being able to solve any question that may arise.

Improving and evolving. director11 evolves over time, allowing the clubs using the Elite version to have the latest updates immediately and specially adapted for them.

First team management, youth system, technical secretary, medical services, statistics… Everything the club needs to increase their control and fulfil all the departments’ needs.

Periodical meetings. Twice a year, director11’s Elite team will move to the club’s office in order to actively participate in their needs and stablishing a plan for further improvements in the application.