Director11 attend the fourth edition of the Sport Technology Symposium

Last 15 and 16 November, director11 was present at the fourth edition of the Sport Technology Symposium, organized by Barça Innovation Hub, the center for sports knowledge and innovation of FC Barcelona.

In its eagerness to contribute to the world of football, the Catalan team wants to help change the world through sports excellence by sharing not only its philosophy of watching football, its principles and ideals, but also a large sports laboratory focused on the technological future of sport.

It is about using scientific research together with the development of innovation projects to achieve the best results adapted to the needs of the end users.

Undoubtedly an elite team like FC Barcelona in which more than 2,000 athletes train every day is a good context to develop scientific studies on the search and development of the most effective athlete. In this way, Barça creates a sports laboratory that allows them to devise, test or develop new ideas, knowledge, products or services that promote the development of sport.

In this year’s event, very specific topics on the sports industry were discussed for the next decade. And in this laboratory they promote 4 types of projects: scientific research, the co-development of products and services, training and the organization of congresses and conferences.

Such is the importance that from the Club is awarded to the Barça Innovation Hub that they already work and collaborate actively with universities, research centers, sports entities, sponsors, startups, and sector leaders for scientific research and the development of projects of innovation.

Among the topics that we liked most during the Symposium were:

  • The importance of managing the data of the players of a soccer team in real time.
  • The increasingly common use of data measurement and analysis tools to improve the performance and well-being of players.
  • How to increase the competitiveness of the team and each player by personalizing the study of data.

Ultimately the common thread in all the papers revolved around the message that the use of technology does not change the game but is focused on improving the experience of football itself both on and off the field. The technology must be seen as a support element for the optimization of sports performance.

Undoubtedly this line marries perfectly with the philosophy that director11 bet when we decided to create the first SaaS sports management of a football team.

Achieving having all the information, data and analysis of a football team in one place without any doubt helps the management but above all to optimize that sports performance. The analysis is essential to improve.

This year’s Sport Technology Symposium showed many of the new technologies applied to the world of football both on and off the field and this will undoubtedly be the path that marks the future of sport in the next 10 years.