Why technology in football makes better players

mejores jugadores gracias a la tecnologia

Not so long ago it was common to see football coaches – at any level – taking notes in their notebooks about the game and the evolution of the players. But today that has become obsolete. The individual reports of football players, nowadays, are not the same as they were years ago. Nor are the methodologies used to obtain them the same. Technology in football is here to stay and to do better every day.

GPS tracking devices and heart rate monitors mounted on vests. Advanced cameras and monitoring systems, even drones flying in training sessions. Customized apps to track workouts and games on a tablet or cell phone. Knowing instantly the muscle fatigue of a player, as well as his physical evolution throughout the season… All this, and much more, provides a wealth of data, which once collected and analyzed, allows the monitoring and progression of the stars of the future. In this sense, the use of soccer analysis software becomes indispensable.

The use of technology in sports performance analysis has become a common and necessary practice among professional and non-professional teams. Technology in football is revolutionizing the way in which clubs approach their training and develop better players.

From our point of view, these are some of the reasons why we can affirm that technology in soccer makes better players possible:


There are a multitude of devices (wearables) that make it possible to measure each and every one of the movements that players make during training and matches. In addition, more and more cameras are monitoring the actions that take place on a field of play. Thanks to this, coaches can correct, at a technical and tactical level, each and every one of the movements that a particular player performs during his daily activity. It also allows them to monitor the physical activity of each player, providing real-time parameters of the athletes’ effort.

And the individual reports of soccer players that we talked about earlier are becoming deeper, more attractive and more efficient.

The world of football today is highly professionalized in all aspects and only those who refine their movements to the maximum will be able to go far.


Continuing with the reason described above, today’s football has become tremendously physical. Just look at two of the best players of the moment: Haaland and Mbappé. Their speed, agility, strength and fitness are far above any other players of 10 to 15 years ago, before the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

Technology in football allows us to optimize our efforts. It allows a much more personalized and professionalized follow-up. It allows to have a medical team highly informed of everything that happens in the club. It allows specific workloads for each body. It allows for new exercises and new highly effective training methodologies.

Thanks to this, the footbal players of the future will be true “gifted” athletes.

mejores jugadores gracias a la tecnologia



One of the biggest obstacles that can hinder a player’s progression is injury. There are many examples throughout the history of football that prove this. Promising players have failed to succeed because of injuries.

While there is a percentage of unavoidable injuries, there are many other injuries that can be anticipated thanks, in part, to technology.

But we are not only talking about physical injuries, but also about psychological problems. Emotional stability is a fundamental aspect of a player’s progress. In a world that moves large amounts of money and as mediatic as football is, it is necessary to provide such stability in the lives of the youngest talents.

Medical area, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and psychologists have a huge amount of data and are able to analyze, thanks to a good football analysis software, the situation of each player at the moment. It is essential that the management of this data is as smooth as possible, as fast as possible and as efficient as possible.


If we go back to the example of the notebook with which we started this article, the coach who wrote down everything had to share it with each of the players and also communicate it to the rest of the coaching staff. This was not effective and a lot of information was lost each season. Today, all this data is available in real time for all parties involved. From the player to the different areas involved in the development of the players.

Moreover, this information, thanks to technology in football, lasts over time, regardless of changes in the technical team. The world of football moves at breakneck speed and it is always necessary for structures, clubs, and philosophy to prevail over people.

At director11 we are strong advocates of the technological revolution in the world of football and we want to help you get the most out of all your players. From the youngest to the most veteran player of a club is able to continue progressing and evolving if we make technology available to all parties involved. Our football analysis software can help you.