4 common doubts about technology in football

Today’s professional soccer teams are living a digital transformation. Thanks to the technology applied to football, soccer teams can optimize their squads, perfect their training and save a data history about all the club departments. It could be said that the way forward of the clubs go through an optimum club management based on tecnologies. For this reason, football clubs have have to invest not just in ecconomic efforts, but in training to enhance everything that has to do with the technology applied to football. In recent years, this technology has experienced an unprecedented evolution. Football clubs have hundreds of technological applications, devices and specialized software for sport and the supply of new apps grows day after day: sensors, mobile devices, sports breastplates, wereables, etc.

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At director11 we are national pioneers in the development of sports management software for football clubs. Unlike other sport solutions, we have specialized in a solution that cover all the different departments of the club and is able to integrate the rest of the technologies already used.

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4 frequent questions about technology in football

When a football club contacts our offices to ask for information about our sports management program for football clubs, there are many doubts they have. However there are 4 that are the most frequent.

  • Integrative technology: Following the argument that we explained before, nowadays technology has evolved at such a speed that clubs need to facilitate their management. The technology are in continuous evolution and development. One way to take adventage of this is to integrate all these technologies into one, collecting all the data in the same application where they can be easily consulted.

In Director11, for example, we are not only able to integrate all existing technology in the market, but also as an online service software we are in continuous growth. Each period of time we always present beneficial new features for the teams. This kind of software must be required to have a certain capacity for integration, innovation and growth,<

  • Technology is expensive: In business it is known as expensive something that does not return with respect to investment. Technology can be tremendously expensive only if a football club is not able to harness. This situation does not usually occur, experience tells us that in one way or another the technology applied in football is aimed at optimizing every day.

The professional teams that today use technology do so clearly for its benefits: sport and managering areas. The efficiency achieved by implementing a solution as a director11 in a club impacts all areas and organizes and standardizes sports, health, maintenance, training, sales, marketing, quarry and many other tasks.

  • Learning Curve: Technological tools should not be complex to use. In fact, most technology providers offer continuous training to be able to get the most out of it.

At Director11 we offer courses and seminars to the entire club to ensure that all the staff takes full advantage of our sports management solution. These training cycles can be distance or face-to-face.

  • Investment does not return: In the last 2 years investments in technology have multiplied in the world of football. Not only clubs invest in these solutions but federations, national and international organizations, producers, television etc have been involved in a career in favor of the use of technology. Although these technologies show their results in the short term, the main return on investment occurs in the medium and long term. When you really see all the advantages of a management tool it is when you have been using it for a while and you can already use all the data, match and injuries statistics, player reports, calendars, etc.

For a football team the use of technology returns in many ways in benefits: both in the sports and management: health, maintenance, training, relationships with fans, sales optimization, marketing, user experience and a long etcetera. Technology is very present in other business areas, the evolution of fintech or insurtech has already demonstrated amazing results innovating and improving the processes of many companies. If in recent years we have seen a technological revolution in football clubs, this has not ended. Every year technology benefits the world of football. The future will be even better and with great news.