Training sessions to learn in depth about the new features of the director 11 management application.

Sesiones formativas en la Academia VCF

From director11 we do not stop working to achieve complete digitization in our clubs. On this occasion, our CEO, Sergio Casalins, has had the privilege of training the entire technical staff of Valencia CF, both 8-a-side and 11-a-side, explaining the new updates that the director11 application has made to measure for the VCF Academy.

For several seasons, the VCF Academy has been using our comprehensive football management software, optimizing processes and storing information centrally. Throughout this time, director11 has evolved according to their needs, in a clear commitment from both parties for the digitization of one of the biggest clubs in Spain.

Football clubs today need to have the right technological support for the comprehensive management of the different teams. The amount of data that a single player can provide in different departments of the club is enormous, and that is why the professionals who manage it need to receive the appropriate training to help them make the most of all the advantages that technology offers.

That is why our work philosophy makes us go hand in hand with our clubs and we are committed, fundamentally for us, to offer customized training so that each member of the club gets the best possible performance from our management software. Not all football clubs have the same needs. Management software must be adapted to the philosophy and culture of each club. And not only that, but it must also have the necessary advice to transmit it to each of the actors that interact with the tool on a daily basis.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in all sectors and in the daily lives of all citizens of the world. Football cannot be left behind. For this reason, football clubs are increasingly aware of the importance of investing both financially and in training, to promote technological transformation in every area of the club.

Thanks to technology applied to sports management, football clubs can optimize their processes, supervise their training methodology, enhance player development, share important information between departments and generate their own knowledge base that will last over time. It could be said that the way forward for clubs is through optimal sports management based on technology.

At director11 we have spent years specializing in accompanying top-level football clubs to find their way towards digitization.

And you, do you want us to accompany you?