5 Benefits of SaaS for the sports management of football teams

Software as a Service for football teams or SAAS is a way of working with an online tool or platform. The company providing the software is responsible for its maintenance, daily operation and support.

It is a technology that can provide great advantages for most football teams that today do not use any technological tool for the sport management of the club.

The football industry and more specifically the sports management of the lower categories does not have a clear reference regarding the technological platform to be used. Therefore, from director11 we have been working for more than 8 years in the creation of a complete program of monitoring and club management.

As previously mentioned, SaaS can provide great advantages in the management of the academy of a football club. Mainly, it contributes to reduce maintenance costs and adds flexibility when adapting it to each football club, each characteristic and each philosophy or methodology.

In director11 we are experts specialized in adapting our management platform for each club needs. So each team works in a different director11 thanks to a higher level of customization.

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Features of a Software as a Service

From director11 we have always worked with the mentality to boost digital transformation in the football industry.

We understand that beyond traditional methodologies, the digitization of this industry will help to optimize the work of football clubs.

Being able to centralize in a software all the information that surrounds the club, it will be possible to have direct access to the data set to be able to analyse them and transform them into results, variables and statistics to speed up enable the decision-making process.

The SaaS software is a license and delivery model that:

  • Has monthly or annual subscription
  • Is hosted centrally
  • Provides online connection that will allow you to synchronize information on all devices and work in a network together with all the users
  • Updates at a higher rate.
  • Allows the integration with other apps


10 Advantages of the Director 11 Saas system for the football industry

A SaaS tool offers the club some potential advantages over traditional models of sports management software.

    • Lowest initial cost: Being a subscription system you can choose the formula that best suits your needs since you do not have to pay for a complete package as in traditional systems.
    • Modular system: with an orientation aimed for football professionals and academies, we adapt the needs of each of the departments making the platform the best solution to gather all the information and centralize it: sports coordination, physical preparation, doctors, scouts, management, administration, reports, maintenance etc.
    • Immediate access via Internet: director11 it is available anywhere and at any time. The online connection allows quick and intuitive access to all information from anywhere.
    • Adaptable to all devices: The sports management software can be adapted to all the profiles of the members of the club. In this way, you can work and login on any device and anywhere: computer, Tablet or Smartphone.
    • Analytical capacity: In the era of Big Data the fact of being able to transform into data all the information of a sports entity allows to analyse and scrutinize all the variables introduced in the platform. If it can be measured, it can be improved. We have all the tools of statistics and reports which will increase the effectiveness in decision making.
    • Quick implementation: A SaaS has one of the great advantages that any football club need and is that it can be setup and integrated into the entity as agile as possible. Hosted in the cloud, the platform does not require a complex installation but an immediate start-up. This is undoubtedly important when it comes to minimizing implementation times and any type of delay, as occurs with other technological systems.
    • Scalability: This is common in SaaS solutions and is that the providers of this type of platforms offer many subscription options when necessary. If your club grows, your needs will rise and if you consider it appropriate you can always ask for an upgrade in director11. Our team of developers are at your disposal at any time.
    • Periodic updates: It is another great advantage of the SaaS and therefore of director11 and that is that we are continually making updates and improvements in performance as well as design and new features.
    • Intelligent technology: In specialized SaaS, as in the case of director11, both the web and Mobile versions speed up the intercommunication of the club, inspiring a coordinated work among all the different departments. Encourages collaboration and exploits these common benefits. It also allows you to apply analytics and make reports with the data. Nowadays, thanks to notifications, technology allows the creation of alert systems and monitoring of specific data. The use of intelligent technology applied to the football industry.

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    In short, there are many advantages and benefits of using a SaaS for the sport management of a football club. From director11 we have been developing for more than 8 years, creating the ideal tailored platform for different team that already trust us to increase competitiveness. We are the perfect tool for managing club resources.