Technology will change football in 2019

Undoubtedly if there is a marked trend for 2019 in the sports management of football teams is the application of technology to optimize the club.

Of course, the technological transformation affects external and internal areas of football clubs. When we talk about the external one we talk about, for example, the use of the VAR, of technology to apply it to the fans, how to attract them to football fields, how to interact with them, how to approach them to the reality of the team, how to get them involved in the day a day of the club etc.

It is increasingly common to integrate programs and technology systems to monitor players. It is all about tracking, analitics, and obtain data from each player so coaches can apply their personalized workouts depending of each performance.

But club’s technological transformation is not limited to such areas. Actually, all this process is performing the main actor in the overall club stucture, becoming more essential. One of the most important aspects would be the technology applied to the sports management of a football club. Nowadays thanks to this technology the coaches manage to analyze the performance of each player, control their feeding, verify if a player can exploit more their training or a specific exercise … In short, it involves obtaining data and data from the staff for an effective and result-oriented decisión making.

However, obtaining data is nothing without a good software or management platform. Precisely that is what director11 offers to football teams. An integrating tool capable of absorbing all data. A whole suite, all in one, able to obtain all the data, even from different tecnological tools, in order to use it for: training, medical, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychology or nutrition.

In the digital age, the use of data has become a priority for coaching staff who try to exploit even the smallest detail in search of the most complete soccer player.

Getting to analyze this data and create reports is essential to know how to interpret them. Even in the way of making this use there are different complications. There is nothing you can have.

Analytics and Big Data have interrupted in many industries, and a few years ago have begun to integrate into the world of football. In recent years, the world of sports has experienced an explosion in the use of analytics.

From coaches and players to the headquarters and business, the analysis can make the difference between selling more tickets or less, between achieving a successful athlete from the academy or having to buy.

Without a doubt, the future of sports goes through learning and improving the management and interpretation of data and sports analysis.

4 technologies that are already applied in football

Sensors: In training, it is increasingly common to use technological devices to measure heart rate during exercise, peak speed, stress tests and a long etc. There are sensors that allow monitoring all the activity of the athlete. Way in which he walks, in which part of the ball hits to shoot a foul, by which area of the field the player tends to move more, etc.

The sensors allow you to monitor absolutely all the performance and activity of each player and then after that you can optimize it.

Wereables: Beyond training, nowadays it is common to use the well-known Wereables or mobile devices as accessories. A smartwatch, a pulse oximeter or step counter.

Thanks to the wereables you can monitor the activity of the player not only in training but anywhere. This way, day-to-day data can be measured in any place or context.

Sports management software: As we mentioned earlier, it is increasingly common to use a sports management program to integrate all the data obtained through different channels and thus be able to view, analyze or create custom reports with all this information.

These programs also allow managing the football team, controlling the most administrative aspects or sports management. Help manage the entire club.

Smart ball: This is a ball that thanks to an NFC chip allows the phone or tablet to interact with it. It premiered in the last World Cup in Russia and allows players to face very precise and special training.

No doubt technology has changed the way in which the human being interacts with the world. In the football sector it could not be otherwise and soon we will see developments that will be focused on sports professionals, has exploited their training, measure their exercises and achieve results. All with the ultimate goal of getting the perfect elite athlete, prevent injuries and improve performance.

From director11 we have been changing football for more than 10 years thanks to the application of our technology. More than 20 professional football teams have already trust in our sports management software, becoming experts integrators of the rest of the technology applied to football.