LaLiga will have video arbitration for the next season

LaLiga gets a step forward with the incorporation of technology in Spanish football for the 2018/2019 season.

The Technical Committee of Referees has informed that for the next season the VAR -video assistant referee- will be introduced in the First Division, in order to improve the decisions of the members.

Through this system the referees will be able to review the most controversial moves during a game by repeating the televised images, and in this way, they will increase the effectiveness to make any decision. With this new feature, LaLiga Santander will join the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A, among the major competitions that use the VAR during their matches.

This new technological incorporation may eliminate errors such as the goal that Lionel Messi scored on November 26 and the referee did not grant. That same day in another part of the world, the VAR helped to expel to De Rossi, Rome’s player, after giving a smack to a rival player.

Currently the main debate is the refusal of LaLiga to use the “hawk eye” technology, a system that incorporates a chip in the ball to automatically detect the overcoming to the goal line. This technology is already used by competitions such as the Champions, so several clubs already have this system in their facilities. Although the problems solved by the “hawk eye” aims to be solved with the incorporation of the VAR.

A debate has arisen with this incorporation that many argue that wants to break with traditional football and automate decisions that are specific to the sport. The supporters of this technology, however, not only defend their incorporation, but ask themselves if they have not arrived in Spain too late.


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