The bubble of the transfer market underscores the importance of the quarry.

Many clubs can not join the bubble and working in the quarry is the best option.

A few years ago the most expensive player in the history of football was Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2009, Real Madrid invested 96 millions in the player, what at that moment provoked a huge revolution in the sports means. Today is induced like a normalized reality due to the current situation of the market of signings. The numbers rise with no limits and according to many experts the rise is causing that world of football creates its own bubble, which leads us to ask how long it will last and what will happen when it explodes.

According to La Vanguardia, in 2016, FIFA determined a record amount of transfers between clubs with a 14.3% more than in the previous year. In this situation, the transfer market is only within the reach of certain clubs, leaving the rest without the possibility of entering this transfer game, thanks to the exorbitant prices that are handled.

This is where the importance of the quarry rises and its management. If the market continues this upward trend, many clubs may be forced to look in the quarry for the best option to maintain or improve their competitive edge. Having a complete tool to help clubs optimize the management of their players, increasing control of performance, minutes played, nutrition, psychology, etc., seems indispensable to be able to detect talent and enhance it in the long term, improving the odds of success with each bet on the future.


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