Director11 medical software

Behind every football player, there is a team of top medical specialists who closely monitor and manage their health to ensure they are in the best physical condition for competition.

However, with so many people working as a team to ensure maximum sporting performance, a huge amount of health data is generated that needs to be stored and shared efficiently to ensure that effective therapeutic decisions are made. This is the main objective of director11 Medical software.

Pantalla de area medica de director11 para la gestión de un club de fútbol

What is director11 medical software?

It is an independent information management solution for the medical area of a football club.

Director11 Medical Software provides a global vision of the health condition of each player. It allows the monitoring of medical episodes, their evolution and treatment. 

A software that allows each health profile of the club to complete the history of each player that will be stored for years. Doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists and podiatrists can update the information, favoring decision making and collaborative work between all areas.


Improves the monitoring of each episode by providing quick access to relevant information.

Allows to anticipate possible problems

Observes the evolution of the player from the prescription of a specific treatment.

Rapid decision making based on all health and sports data provided by all areas.

Secure information with limited access by profile. Users will see their access limited according to their profile protecting the player’s confidentiality.

Online access from anywhere and at any time.


  • Monitoring of medical episodes. Management of medical episodes, allowing collaborative work of all areas (doctors, rehabilitators, physiotherapists…)
  • Nutritional management: Control of diets, monitoring of key indicators, supervision of anthropometries and somatotypes, individually and by teams.
  • Appointment planner for all health profiles
  • Design of customized tests and questionnaires
  • Medical reports by team and player. Injury reports, medical prescriptions, exercises…

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