Director11 financial manager

The complexity of contracts and the control of the variables that are updated with each game played means that clubs need a tool that allows them to store, manage, and automate the monitoring processes of each contract.

Developed in partnership with a Spanish first division club, director11 presents a new solution for the digitization of contracts and their conditions supported by intelligent algorithms that analyze the sports data of players and teams.

What is director11 financial manager?

Director11 Financial manager is a solution that allows the digitalization and monitoring of player contracts in a simple and intuitive way.

It is an intelligent solution that allows the monitoring of the variables of each contract, based on the stored sports data of each player automatically.

It allows tracking the status of players sold or transferred to another club, dates of payments or collective bonuses.

It displays the updated status of reports and budgets, with 100% configurable sections to adapt to the needs of each club.

With director11 Financial Manager, all aspects of player contracts will be managed efficiently and immediately, thanks to the application of intelligent algorithms.


Automates processes

Facilitates contract negotiation

Speeds up contractual decision making

Improves the club’s sports and financial planning

65% reduction in manual effort

Eliminates 85% of the risk of error

Increases data security with access and modification control


  • Digitization of contracts and conditions
  • Intelligent algorithm for variable configuration
  • Automatic validation of variables based on sports data
  • Control and storage of sports data of players and club teams
  • Annual budget analysis report by team
  • System of alerts delimited by users
  • Financial projections by template for different scenarios
  • Sales tracking panel for transferred players
  • Generation of reports
  • Creation of contract models
  • Reporting of variables fulfilled by season
  • Integration with federal records and other platforms
  • Specific security controls
  • Security controls
  • Access log by user
  • Registration of changes in contracts for each user
  • Encrypted database
  • Secure database

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