Director11 Scouting

On many occasions, the scouting departments of football clubs perform their tasks manually and with traditional tools such as spreadsheets. With director11 Scouting, from now on, these scouts will be able to count on much more digitalized and automated processes thanks to technology.

Analyze teams, matches and players with director11 Scouting. Discover new talents and promising young players. Store all your data in a single platform and make decisions based on real and fully updated data from any device, anywhere in the world.

Pantalla de ojeadores de director11 para la gestión de un club de fútbol

What is director11 Scouting?

Director11 Socuting is an independent solution designed to organize the scouting department of clubs and football agencies.

Director11 Scouting provides the necessary tools for the coordination of the scouting department, whether they are focused on grassroots or top level football. The system facilitates collaboration between all scouts, allows them to monitor players and create assessments and reports under a unified methodology.

Coordinators have access to a control panel that allows them to adapt the system to their work method, enabling the supervision of general and particular player evaluations depending on their position on the field.


Increases department coordination and unified collaborative work under a configurable methodology.

It allows the supervision of the work by the coordination in a fast and effective way, avoiding the loss of data.

It facilitates the analysis and comparison between players of the same demarcation.

It maintains a complete record of player and match information, with attachments and video links.

Data protection with action log per user.

Allows configuration and standardization of the tool based on the needs of the department and the club.

Limited access for each type of user, making its use simple and intuitive.

It speeds up your work, allowing you to connect from anywhere in the world, including reporting during matches.

Limit the use of other platforms for sending information (E-mail, WhatsApp, Dropbox…).


  • Monitoring of players with a general search engine based on different parameters. Allows monitoring by coordinators, alerting them to new ratings created by other scouts. ratings created by the rest of the scouts.
  • Match evaluation that enables the evaluation of the players of a specific match in an agile way and from the same screen.
  • Player profile with information generated in the system in a collaborative way, facilitating the access to any data in a fast way.
  • Advanced evaluations that allow to generate a completely configurable and standardized report, providing greater detail of the player. It allows the creation of reports in text format or with forms adaptable to the position of the player.
  • Smart creation of campograms. A system capable of generating different 11 ideals manually or automatically, taking as a reference the evaluations made and the criteria specified by the user.
  • Profiling. Restricted access to player records and ratings created by each user.
  • Integration. The system connects with external systems automating the loading of player and match information: federation records, Transfermarkt…
  • Joint calendar that allows sharing the work plan of each scout without the need for external applications such as emails or Whatsapp.

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