“director11 Financial Manager”, an intelligent solution designed to efficiently manage contracts.

Director11 lanza financial manager

director11, the Spanish technology startup leading the digital transformation of football clubs, launches “director11 Financial Manager”, a new independent solution that allows the digitization and monitoring of player contracts in a simple and intuitive way.

Nowadays, and even more so after the pandemic, footballers’ contracts have undergone a radical change. Some time ago these contracts were not very different from any other labor contract, but now they add countless clauses, which make their management increasingly complex.

Faced with this new situation, director11 wanted to develop this customized solution, specifically designed to store, manage and automate the monitoring processes of each contract through intelligent algorithms.

Benefits of director11 Financial Manager

Some of the benefits that director11 Financial Manager brings to football club managers are:

– Automates the management processes of football players’ contracts and their clauses, individual or collective.
– Facilitates the analysis of contracts and their future negotiation.
– Streamlines data-driven contractual decision-making.
– Improves the club’s sports and financial planning
– Reduces by 65% the manual effort, since everything is automated.
– Eliminates 85% of the risk of error from manual actions
– Increases data security with access and modification control

In the words of Sergio Casalins, CEO of director 11, “We are very happy to be able to unveil Director11 Financial Manager, it allows us to take a big step in a completely new area that every day is more important and complex to manage for football clubs.”

“We have put a lot of enthusiasm into this project. Over the last few years, we have seen more and more clubs encountering serious problems when it comes to overseeing their players’ contracts and complying with their financial planning. This led us to look for a solution that could mean a before and after for them, facilitating the processes and including automation tools that allow them to anticipate different situations. The beauty of the project is that it has great potential for growth and we will continue to bet on its evolution, to adapt to the needs of the clubs and provide new variants”.

Features of director11 Financial Manager

director11 Financial Manager allows the complete digitization of the contracts of all the players of a club and thus enables financial simulations for the different teams, designing different scenarios that help in budget forecasting.

In addition, its system based on intelligent algorithms makes it possible to track transferred players and receive notifications about their future transfers. This functionality is of great relevance because it directly affects the club through agreed variables, as well as through mechanisms contemplated in the FIFA statutes, Training Compensation, and the Solidarity Mechanism.

The department will have a very visual control panel, with advanced reports, from which to manage all this information related to the contracts of the players.

Finally, thanks to director11 Financial Manager, if any of the players reaches a number of minutes or games played, a number of goals, or any other variable that has been included in his contract, the new director11 module will immediately validate it and launch an alert to the indicated users.

Thanks to director11 Financial Manager, the management of footballers’ contracts will never be the same again. This is a giant step towards the complete digitalization of football clubs. From director11 we want to help all our clubs on this path and therefore we hope that this new solution will be a success.

Do not hesitate and ask our team now for a free demo to get to know director11 Financial Manager in depth.