CSKA 1948 Sofia, a new football club goes digital with director11


CSKA 1948 Sofía: Welcome to director11

Today, here at director11 we would like to welcome a new club. It is CSKA 1948 Sofia. The club was founded on July 19, 2016, at the Central Military Club in Sofia (Bulgaria), and such a short space of time – only 5 years – has gone from playing in amateur leagues in Sofia to competing with the best teams in the Bulgarian first division.

That doesn’t happen overnight, and the effort behind this trajectory is enormous. It is also a symptom of the excellent work being done within this young Bulgarian football club.

On this occasion, the challenge for director11 has been different. A newly created club, with very specific and different needs to those that a top-level club might have. CSKA 1948 Sofia has a much lighter structure and unparalleled growth potential.

Thanks to this new partnership agreement, the Spanish technology startup, director11, expands its presence on the European continent and consolidates its position as one of the leading football club management software in the global market.

In the words of Sergio Casalins, CEO of director11: “We are very happy to be able to help CSKA 1948 Sofia to continue its progress and to continue writing its history. We are confident that thanks to their commitment to technology, the club will improve their processes and enhance the development of their players, we are delighted to work together with them to help them in their growth.”

One of the differentiating features of director11 is the ability to adapt to the philosophy and needs of each of the clubs it works with. Undoubtedly, this ability to adapt, as well as the similarity in the philosophy of both companies, have been differentiating elements that have made it possible to reach the agreement between director11 and CSKA 1948 Sofia, to join the digitalization process of the club.”

More and more reference clubs are choosing director11 to manage their daily operations. A clear trend that demonstrates the progressive expansion of the Spanish company, being the preferred option for managers over other more traditional management software. Director11 is a modular system, 100% cloud-based, that allows the complete digitalization of any football club.

The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization processes in professional football. The need to optimize and manage the different areas of football clubs, as well as remote work, has led to an increased interest in recent months in finding solutions that enable this.

At director11 we are delighted to be able to help all football clubs that want to digitize their processes and implement an effective management software, which will help them to continue growing and achieving success. And of course, as we have said before, we are sure that, in the not too distant future, CSKA 1948 Sofia will achieve an important international presence.