We are a young and dynamic group, divided into different areas: business development, technical support, marketing, commercial, management… We constitute an interesting conglomerate with diverse interests where everyone finds their place. For us, the most important thing is to support our team, attacking and defending from our own position in the field in order to achieve any of the objectives we set.

Caffeine and group breakfast addicts.

Passionate about sports…

…and conversations about any topic.

Birthday celebrations are a must.

Julio Pernía

Julio Pernía


Aligning the action areas of the team, in charge of setting up business relationships both nationally and internationally.

Favorite film: Blade Runner

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Manuel Moreno

Manuel Moreno


Responsible for the first team (from a technical point of view). Preparing the tactics and strategies for each of the games.

Favorite film: The Matrix

“Time is your biggest treasure… use it wisely.”

Rafael Torres

Rafael Torres

VP of engineering

Our best scouting, critical eye with a good basis of experience. Always looking for new technologies to improve our team play.

Favorite film: Back to the future.

“It’s better to regret of doing it than to regret of not doing it”

Victoria López

Victoria López

Operations Assistant

Responsible for the management of the first team, she is in charge of planning and control of finance and accounting.

Favorite film: The blind side.

“The impossible takes just a little bit longer.”

Ana Velasco

Ana Velasco

Marketing Manager

Designs and analyzes the tactics that may help during the games. She has the ability to predict situations and provide solutions.

Favorite film: Pride and Prejudice.

“The most powerful asset we have is our mind.”

Sergio Casalins

Sergio Casalins

Key Account Manager

Our main striker, good in handling 1 vs 1. If he has the chance to take the shot he doesn’t think it twice.

Favorite film: The Green Mile.

“The only impossible thing is the one you don’t even try”

Ismael Vázquez

Ismael Vázquez

Product Manager

Looks after the team’s coordination and right performance. Runs the game and brings coherence to the plays from the midfield.

Favorite film: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

“If you are going to try, go all the way.”

Michele Sinigoi

Michele Sinigoi


Our attacking midfielder, always looking forward to give the last pass. His game vision makes him unpredictable.

Favorite film: Toy Story

“If you have everything under control, it is because you’re not going fast enough.”

Enrique García

Borja Parrilla


The heart of the rear, authoritarian both in the air balls and in the confrontations against the forwards.

Favorite film: The butterfly effect.

“Te poorest person is the one who lacks wisdom.”