The Comprehensive and Effective Management of a Football Club


director11 connects all areas of a football club, providing a global vision of its sport-focused areas. The software manages players, training sessions, matches, and injuries that affect a player’s ability to work or train. The application’s tools and the statistics it gathers help provide football clubs with all the data they need to confidently make important decisions.

director11 - Coordinación Deportiva
director11 - Área Médica


director11 facilitates the integrated collaboration of a club’s medical staff, ensuring a reliable and effective exchange of data that avoids the transmission errors and ensures complete confidentiality by limiting access to sensitive data only to those with the required level of access.


The physiotherapy and rehabilitation teams have the option to use a specific control module that gives them the status of players and helps them focus on injury prevention at an individual and group level.

director11 - Fisioterapia
director11 - Nutrición


director11 oversees the dietary evolution of each player through its diet control module, and keeps a complete record of the physical characteristics and measurements of the players through somatotypes.


The psychology module allows clubs to track the psychological attention of players who receive professional therapy, and allows clubs to schedule individual or group sessions, periodic evaluations, and to communicate with psychology staff.

director11 - Psicología
director11 - Residencia


director11 allows clubs to easily organize player residences, and to manage internal rules, disciplinary actions, and scheduling. Users can opt to have a player tracking section that includes comprehensive overviews of academic activities, permissions, tutor evaluations, schedules, and more.


Scouts can monitor all players through director11 and make personalized evaluations. They thus have a record of observed matches and can even define the club’s degree of interest in each player. The module can be split to manage both academies and professional football teams simultaneously.

director11 - Ojeadores